About Knoxville Coffee Company

Knoxville Coffee Company is dedicated to bringing you the best coffees from around the world. Enjoy shopping our World Reserve Series of Premium Coffees and discover how each coffee develops a unique flavor profile specific to its country and region of origin. In addition, have fun shopping our Knox Heritage Series of Premium Coffees and join in on celebrating Knoxville’s rich history, its unique culture, and its diverse communities.


Locally Owned & Community Driven Knoxville Roastery

As a family owned business, we also focus on our community. We believe Knoxville exemplifies our state nickname of the Volunteer State. We are happy to partner with the many fine organizations across our city and the surrounding areas to help with fundraising campaigns, charitable events, and non-profits. Please “Contact Us” with any questions.


An Education in Coffee

Did you know coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world only behind oil? Did you know there are over 129 different species of coffee and only 2 species are commercially grown? In addition to bringing you premium coffees we believe in making the world of coffee more fun and accessible than ever before. With Coffee being such an integral part of people’s lives, we think it is important to learn more about it. Where is it from? How is it harvested? What is the best way to brew a certain coffee? Check back frequently to our Coffee.Edu page and read our ever-growing list of articles and videos and become an expert in all things coffee!


Ethically and sustainably Sourced

We are also very proud to serve you ethically traded coffees which means, in many cases, our beans are bought directly from the coffee farmers. This allows for more profitable wages for the coffee producers, their families and their communities. We work with our suppliers and farmers to ensure a high degree of traceibility. Our Single Origin, Small Batch Roast, and Direct Trade labels provide a level of quality, traceability, and consistency that is rare. Enjoy!

Direct Trade
Ethically Traded
Rainforest Alliance Certified
Small Batch Roast Seal
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