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Featured Coffees
Featured Coffees
Winter Blend Coffee

Featured Coffee

Winter Blend Medium-Dark Roast

Smoky With Hints of Chocolate Providing a Rich and Savory Flavor

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About Our Coffee

Knoxville Coffee Company, Knoxville’s beloved coffee roaster, believes there is a coffee for everyone. Our Knoxville roastery provide the full spectrum of roast from our light roast to our dark French Roast and everything in between. We can also custom grind each coffee to suit your brewing method. From a coarse-ground French Press to a very-fine Turkish grind, we have your preferred brew method covered. We also love to ship our customers whole bean directly from our Knoxville coffee roastery to your home! This helps preserve the freshness of the coffee. Simply put, fresh ground coffee is always better. Our coffees are slow roasted in small batches. This allows for the entire roasting process to be more closely monitored for quality control creating a smooth and lower acidic great tasting cup of coffee.

Coffee For The Community

We are proud to support our community and its many fine organizations. In many cases, we can custom tailor fundraising events and campaigns to help you reach your goals. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your organization with a successful fundraising campaign.

Direct Trade
Ethically Traded
Rainforest Alliance Certified
Small Batch Roast Seal
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