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Thank you for choosing Knoxville Coffee Company for your business. We serve businesses and retailers of all sizes. We outfit offices, break rooms, retailers, restaurants, coffee shops and more with the world’s finest 100% Arabica coffee. We also provide full coffee bar service custom tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Knoxville Coffee’s online commercial login and convenient delivery make it easy for you to order and receive your coffee.

Our local craft-made coffee is slow roasted in small batches to ensure a deliciously rich and smooth cup of coffee. With the Direct Trade, Small Batch, and Rainforest Alliance labels it is coffee you can feel great about purchasing. Your guests and employees will be delighted with Knoxville Coffee Company by their side.

Retail Stores & Markets

Retail Stores & Markets

  • Create customer loyalty and repeat business with great tasting locally roasted premium coffee
  • Choose from Knoxville Coffee’s large selection of roast and blends from the world’s best coffee growing regions
  • Great looking premium packaging makes Knoxville Coffee an easy consumer choice
  • Resealable 5 mil foil lined bags keep the coffee fresh and customers coming back for more
  • Available in 12oz, 1lb and 2lbs bags
  • Attractive Stand-Up pouches fit easily on store shelves and are conveniently used at home
  • Private label packaging and custom displays are available for your store

Coffee For Your Office or Business

  • We bring the coffee-shop experience to your business! Improve company morale and productivity with our hand-picked selection of premium coffees and teas

Custom Tailored Coffee Bar Includes:

  • A large selection of premium coffees and teas
  • Convenient “fractional” foil packs perfectly measured for a quick and easy brew
  • A variety of bag sizes available with whole bean or ground coffee (custom grind sizes available)
  • Equipment available including brewers, air-pots, air-pot racks and condiment organizers
  • Supplies including cups, filters, and all condiments
Office and Business
Restaurants Cafes Coffee Shops

Restaurants, Cafes & Coffee Shops

  • We work closely with restaurants, coffee-shops and even food-trucks. If you are a small start-up or an established high-volume Knoxville eatery, we have the right coffees for you. Make sure your customers leave on a high note with a cup of Knoxville Coffee. Knoxville Coffee is the perfect finish for a delicious meal.
  • Our coffees come in convenient “fractional” foil packs perfectly measured to quickly and easily brew in air-pots or carafes
  • A variety of bag sizes available with whole bean or ground coffee. Custom grinds available from a coarse French Press to Fine Espresso

For more information on how we can customize our Coffee Services for you, please call us at (865) 214-7533. Or email us at [email protected].

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