Knox heritage premium coffees

Our Knox Heritage Series of premium coffees are a celebration of Knoxville’s rich history and culture. Since our founding in 1791, Knoxville’s identity has been interwoven with a unique character and a volunteer spirit. Knoxville Coffee Company strives to bring you only the very best coffees from around the world and is dedicated to celebrating its hometown’s rich history.

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Our Knox Heritage coffees are slow-roasted in small batches, which allows for the entire roasting process to be closely monitored for quality control. This creates a cup of coffee that is both smooth and lower in acidity. In addition to the craft roasting process, we source only the best 100% Arabica shade-grown coffee beans grown at the perfect altitude. This environment fosters a slower growth rate that leads to a better flavor profile in every cup of coffee.

We are proud to directly trade with our farmers to assure them, and their families and communities, a fair wage. Bringing the farmers’ products closer to our customers also assures competitive pricing for our high quality coffee. Our Single Origin and Direct Trade labels will deliver great flavor and appease the most discerning palates. It’s coffee you can feel great about purchasing!

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