Colombian Supremo Coffee


Colombian FlagRoast: Medium

Acidity: Average +

Body: Average

Sweetness: Above Average

Region: Risralda, Colombia
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo
Altitude: 4,265 - 5,413 feet
Processing Method: washed and sun-dried
Coffee Harvest: October - February; April - June
Cupping Notes: Chocolate Almond & Cherry; Sweet and Nutty


Colombia Supremo  is sourced from small- to medium-sized family-owned farms located within the city of Pereira in the department of Risaralda, Colombia. Coffee is cultivated on farms that average about 2.5 hectares in size. Producers pick and process coffee at their own micro-wet mills and then dry their own coffee, typically on elevated tables inside solar dryers that provide protection from the nearly continuous rainy season.

Colombian Supremo coffee is renowned for its exceptional quality and is often considered one of the finest coffee varieties in the world. It is grown in the mountainous regions of Colombia, where the combination of high altitudes, rich volcanic soil, and ideal climate conditions create an optimal environment for coffee cultivation. The beans used to make Colombian Supremo are typically large and have a distinctive oval shape. They are hand-picked to ensure only the ripest cherries are selected, leading to a superior flavor profile. This coffee is known for its well-balanced, medium body with a bright acidity and a smooth, clean taste. It offers a delightful combination of fruity, floral, and nutty notes, often with hints of caramel and cocoa, making it a versatile and highly sought-after choice for coffee enthusiasts. Colombian Supremo coffee is often roasted to a medium or medium-dark level, which enhances its richness and aroma. Whether brewed as a single-origin pour-over, used in espresso blends, or enjoyed in various other methods, Colombian Supremo coffee consistently delivers a satisfying and harmonious cup showcasing the essence of Colombian coffee excellence.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 10 × 3.5 × 11.5 in

Whole Bean, French Press (coarse), Chemex (medium-coarse), Auto Drip (medium), Espresso (fine), Turkish (very fine)


2.2oz, 12oz, 1lb, 2lbs, 5lb


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